My work has appeared in several national publications, including Conceive, The Dallas Morning News, Plenty, and many other publications. Click the links below to some of my work samples.

Plenty, October/November 2007

Health, October 2007

Plenty, April/May 2007

Better Nutrition, May 2006 issue

Better Nutrition, February 2006 issue

Better Nutrition, January 2006 issue

Saveur, No. 92

Oxygen, September 2005 issue

Shape, August 2005 issue

Conceive, Spring 2005 issue

Pregnancy, March 2005 issue

County, January-February 2005 issue

County, March-April 2005 issue

County, March-April 2005 issue

NAILS, June 2005 issue

Arrive, May/June 2005 issue

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